The Farmington Junction
Historical Museum

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Welcome To FJHM Online!

The Museum is Being Moved Online and will continue to serve the people of Farmington and Farmington Hills. We will feature items unique to our collection and will be available for lectures. We also plan to continue hosting special events. For more information please call 248-739-4877

Did You Know?

The La Salle Wine company was once the largest winery in Michigan and the third largest in the United States?

Images from the Museum Collection

A Nice Vintage La Salle Ad

"Local History -Its Ours to Keep!" © FJHM

We are ALWAYS Under Construction

The Farmington Junction Historical Museum like history itself is constantly moving forward.  We ask that you please be patient with us as we continue to transfer this historic collection online.  Keep in mind this project is a result of our love for and desire to share our history and is not being created for profit.
We are open to suggestions from all of you who care to participate in this sites creation.

Other Sources of Local History

We can not over emphasize the value of the Farmington Community Library Heritage Collection . Libraries in America have a unique and colorful history all their own and ours is no exception. Our local Library is the best and most accurate resource of our local history available with no exceptions. We hope to be a positive addition to this invaluable resource.