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About The Farmington Junction Historical Museum

The Farmington Junction Historical Museum began as a private collection of historical images and documents. It has always been our intent to act as an archive of local history. We do take measures to insure this collection is not used by individuals with questionable motives. We will not publish photos or documents which belong to other collections or the general public and pass them off as our own. Furthermore we will not publish these items in any form and expect the public to pay for them so that we may profit from their sale.

Would You Like to Make a Donation?

We do not take monetary donations. If you have images or memories to share we do welcome them. Any image will be posted with the owner given full credit.
In the future we plan to archive and post audio and video recordings of local folks and their memories.

Articles from the White Collection

Curious? Here's A look inside the Old Winery Eyesore Receives Facelift

"Local History -Its Ours to Keep!" © FJHM

From The Curator
The Farmington Junction Historical Museum is a source for all who enjoy history. It is currently based on the private collections of Caravan Trading Company and The White Family. It is our intent to share these unique items and the history they represent free of charge to all who have an interest. We welcome any comments or questions.